“Successful companies have healthy employees.”

Find your frequency

At the physical level.

I support executives and employees in tackling particularly challenging tasks in the professional environment.

Where do I stand? What’s next? What should I focus on? What is my vocation? How do I achieve my goals? How do I get into my power? Business relationships and employment relationships are often topics that demand clarity and orientation for personal development.

Coaching is a way to step out of your familiar domain and onto new ground.

Nature coaching.

A special form of coaching is one that uses the support of nature and natural forces. Every natural space is suitable, forests and mountains as well as urban parks. The coaching takes place while walking and during stays at selected locations. Each appointment ranges from 1 to 1.5 hours over 3 hours to entire days or even several days at a time, depending on the client’s request and occasion.

Methodologically, nature is more or less actively involved as a factor depending on the topic and the preferences of the client and coach. It could simply be a coaching conversation, in which the nature acts as a subliminal framework. If nature should be a specific part of in the coaching process, an extensive range of action-oriented and process-oriented methods is available, e.g. the use of analogies and metaphors, the visualization with natural symbols, the targeted use of movement and standstill or rehearsal.

“Den Gipfel erreichen Sie nur mit gesunden Mitarbeitern.”

At the energetic level.

I support you in mastering particularly challenging tasks in the field of energy. Contrary to doctors, psychotherapists, osteopaths and similar occupations, energetic work focuses mainly on the subtle realm.

Issues like health complaints, stress, energetic blockages, nutritional issues, tension, exhaustion, fatigue, difficulty concentrating often make our lives difficult.

Every thought, every emotion, food, the vibration in the fields we are in, all of this affects our health and vitality. Thus the energetic field of companies also affects the employees and vice versa.

The summit can only be reached with healthy employees.