“Love it, leave it or change it.”

This quote by Henry Ford also applies to organisations. Organisations that want to make a change need to initiate a change management process, often in the form of projects: while processes keep an organisation stable, projects are able to change organisations – a significant advantage!

Since change can cause fears and uncertainty, it makes sense to professionally stand by those who are affected by the change; through coaching or support in Project Management.

For every change management the following points are important:

  • Professional development of change management by defining adequate projects and responsibilities.

  • Professional and continuous communication of change.

  • Professional support of change – considering the goals and individuals who are affected by it.

In terms of change management my clients are concerned with the following topics:

  • I want to change my organisation (company, division, department, team), but I do not know exactly how.

  • I need someone who professionally supports the upcoming change process.

  • I need someone who strengthens the team during the change, but also afterwards. (Team development)

  • During change management I want project management training for the employees.

  • I want to strengthen the communication skills, conflict skills and/or teamwork in my organisation.

  • I want professional support (frequency coaching) for all those affected by the change.

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